Privacy policy

Your privacy means a lot to us. As a gesture of greater service to you by offering you a full complement of security features, this notice is presented to you. The notice contains a detailed structure of the way our data processes function online and your personal preference for the way we gather this information and utilize your personal information. This data can be checked out on our Home Page and wherever else on our site that this information should necessarily be available.

All the information drawn from cookies to transmit to advertisements on our site is something Google is a third party commercial seller of. By using DART cookies Google can send focused advertisements to its guests who visit this site and any others. Under Google’s personal privacy policies falls the manner in which one should follow through with clients that use DART cookie techniques.

Let us consider that third party advertisement ad systems or servers sue cookies to find out about client actions on this site. These can be found in individual privacy policies. However, Essay Writing does not have the power to enter or have an influence over cookies used by third party advertisers.

When a buyer makes a purchase on our site using a credit card, the transaction goes through a safe server. The transaction data is ejected when the job is finished. We use the latest in Internet technology to safeguard it from fraudulent activities, enabling it to be a repository of precise data. If despite this there are some deceptive credit card deals by virtue of using illegal credit cards, this information will be reported to those concerned without any delay.

Collect individual data

When a visitor accesses our website, his IP address, the date and time of his visit are instantly recorded. The site needs this information to rate any developments on this site in future. It is also needed to maintain the website, keep a log of all client activity and pull together large volumes of demographic information that can be modified. Here it is necessary to mention that all IP addresses with details logged on our site are not always linked to an individual’s personal information.

Linking up to other websites

For your greater convenience, we have put up some references and links on our website. Still, we cannot be held responsible for any entity’s privacy policies. In this connection, it may be noted that differences could exist between our privacy policy and that of any other site, so you are advised to check them periodically.

Making changes to the Privacy Policy

The right to make changes to our privacy policy rests solely with us. To be informed of any such changes, please visit our site often.

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