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Revision Policy

1. The client is entitled to have free revisions, unless mentioned otherwise.
2. If the company receives a request for revision of text 10 days after the client receives the completed order, free revisions will not be done.  .
3. Free revisions are only possible if there has been no change to the original order.
4. The client must allow for three revisions to be made. However, if they are still dissatisfied with the result, their request for a revision by another writer may be considered.
5. No communication will be entertained with customers who have initiated a legal disute concerning their payment. Such a dispute will automatically stand invalid if our writers have not been given a chance to revise the assignment.
6. An order takes a minimum of 12 hours to revise, whether it is urgent or not.
7. Delay in the revised version of a product reaching the client is no grounds for claiming a refund.
8. Revisions will not be made if a client disputes either the order amount or the fee paid.

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What You Can Expect