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Sort My Assignment gives you a never before “No Plagiarism” guarantee, a guarantee which no other company would even contemplate. We guarantee 100% money back against plagiarism.

Yes, you read that right. You may browse for hours and days, but not a single other company guarantees a 100% money back if their essays turn out to be plagiarized. We are aware that today’s academic standards are high and assignments are passed through stringent processes to ensure that standards are upheld and copying and plagiarism is strongly discouraged. We are also aware the plagiarism is on the rise not only by students but also by unscrupulous companies who want to make profit by selling copy-pasted essays.

We strongly abhor such practices. It is our policy to ensure that our writing services follow the same standards as that laid down by academic institutions. Our aim is to deliver custom made, original assignments. We take a severe view of plagiarism by our writers in this regard. We place injunctions on writers who join us, regarding this and all our writers have to follow the guidelines on this. They are familiar with current rules on plagiarism and how to avoid it in their own writing by adhering to well known referencing procedures such as APA, Harvard etc. and avoid copyright infringement issues by crediting the sources of information. We do this by ensuring that due credit is provided through the use of in-text citations, bibliography and end of the references, in line with the different protocols followed in different fields. Further, all papers have to be written fresh each time. No papers are rewritten or reused and our writers have to write each and every line without copying from other sources. No outside material can be used without giving proper credit and acknowledgement to the original source. We also practice the policy of vetting the assignments through our own plagiarism detection software to detect even the slightest instances of plagiarism. We check the assignments not only against external academic work but our own work as well.

Inspite of all these checks, if an essay is unsatisfactory and still demonstrates plagiarism, we have a money back policy. We will provide you free replacement writing by a different author or refund your money. On no account will we sell you copied or plagiarized assignments. You can be assured of original work from us.

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