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Confidentiality Policy


With us, confidentiality is serious business. For this reason, we have set up a Confidentiality Policy that is entirely student-centric. Through this policy, we aim to provide them with an environment of support in which they can feel secure and raise any issues regarding their orders for academic papers.

In line with our policy, we do not collect a client’s personal information when he places an order for an academic paper with us. We do not send his email details to anyone either, not even to our writers.  We do not share any of a client’s personal information with the writer assigned to write up is job order.

We also keep confidential the client’s school or university login details with our writer.

We deter our clients from interacting directly with writers and paying them directly. All payments to us should be made through our secure website.

When a client sets up an order with us, we restrict asking for only his personal information that is required to complete the order form. It is our policy that all communication between our clients and writers is kept confidential. Despite the above, if issues arise, the client may contact us through our network of Support staff.

Whenever a client contacts us to place an order with us for academic writing, he or she agrees to the text of our Confidentiality Policy as mentioned above.


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